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sites for folks without a lot of pocket change


I am The Site Servant


I do basic sities in CSS or HTML
With Google registry and SEO


I dont completely guarantee your site will be at the top on page one of the google registry. Because only the sponsored sites are there and that means you will be paying per click.

I will guarantee you are satisfied or I dont get paid.

I charge 25.00 per hour.

I insist on a mandatory ten (10) hour minimum for total site setup

So what makes me different from the rest? What makes this company different from its sister company
Simple Sites Pro?

I dont charge you over 12 hours per month.
The time cap is how this is such a great deal.

Whereas for Professional and Ecommerce sites with a lot of complicated databses and forms I may contract by the hour after the innitial fee. Still 25.00 per hour is cheaper for the service you get than most other places on the web.

I do not host either but there are lot of free hosts.
are a few I use

But to date for paid hosting nobody beats 1and1.com

To set up account with them click the link here.

Banner add for 1and1.com where White hat Computer Services prefers to be hosted.


  Because I do not host you the customer are responsible to find an appropriate hosting entity and acquire a domain name or transfer it to that hosting entity. You would also be responsible for your hosting bill. I work by contract because you must provide your password and site name to me so pages can upload directly to your site. Contract spells everything out clearly and protects both myself and my clients. Simple Sites and Simples Sites Pro does provide a complimentary WHITE PAGE with basic information that can be emailed as an attachment to you but we would need all pertinent information to your bussiness, organization or personal site.This however is a single page on a white background with no artwork or pictures. It simply announces you and gives physical address and phone or fax or email, with a coming soon anouncement.

Below are links to sites Simple Sites has created



doze.zxq.net (daughterofzioneternally)


I have also proivided a few templates to show you differing types of index page arranglements. The index page is the first page you see when you open a site online.

They are provided by other creators (why reinvent the wheel) thus they are already named and complete as templates.




Simple Sites Pro is for the more complex ecommerce sites and at 25.00 per hour flat rate this is a bargain.

Do you have a site already? Or have you started one of those annoying prefabricated sites and have gotten tired of trying to make it look like your ideal? Unfortunately prefabricated sites may not be able to be captured along with critical files that makes them work from most hosting providers that use them as they are registered to the provider. But I can try. For those of you who have your own work online and want help, if all the critical files like the css style sheet are there with your passcode I can most likely capture the whole site into my editing software (Dreamweaver) and continue the work. If not fear not. It is most likely possible for me to be able to replicate your site but I will be downloading all the files to my harddrive (hence the need for contract). Since I do this I guarantee that if at any time you wish to terminate services all your information will be removed from this machine.

I use Dreamweaver wysiwyg webediting software by Adobe
along with Fireworks photo editing software companion to Dreamweaver.

You can buy this software and learn to do it yourself or let me take the headache out of your dreamsite

Do you own Dreamweaver 8? Are you into the whole making up of sites putting sites somewhere and are now switching from a site people look at to a site they can interact with? Then you have begun to use active server pages or PHP pages and are you suddenly confronted with the whole "I need to edit them locally first make sure they work then point them to where i actually have a database online and..... arrrrrgggg!" ?

Been there done that and found very little help in going from simple pages of a Simple Site to interactive pages of a Simple Site Pro pages.

For those of us who did the missing manual and discovered National Exasperator ( aptly named) didnt tell us everything... here's the rest of the story..

Beyond that is the saga of DW8.